Monday, 14 February 2011


So was really excited to realise I was walking down the street where Gilbert and George live when I was down in London a short time ago. Fournier Street off Brick Lane, they make the point of their road being mainly immigrant families when they found the house and the likes of Tracey Emin live down the small street. 

I actually think they are so great and wish I had bumped into them. A while ago I got given this...

Tatty Devine, who have a shop on brick lane collaborated with G&G to make a range of jewelery...this one in reference to their 'Gordens makes us drunk' video piece and the pieces are all really fun and this one definitely looks better in real life than in the photo I think. 

Much love xxx

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  1. you should of knocked on their house! would of been so funny seeing them both come to the door.
    i did a projecy on gilbert and george at highschool. i love everything that they stand for!
    that necklace is well sweet too xxxxx