Friday, 28 January 2011


So I am back up in Leeds at Uni having such a great time. First night off in a time to recollect on the past week or so. Plus my housemates and I had a massive photo upload session. Been on some great nights out with some great people, and managed to miss half my lectures for the week. Oops. Well next week everything begins for sure and I will be reading all my stuff for my lectures and attending everything. Promise. 

From playing in the park on a crisp sunny winters day, to cocktails with the girls, to frolics after nights out and our christmas dinner all along the theme of fun. The photos are by my housemates Tia and Alice as well as Emma and Tona's from their beautiful cameras.

Much Love xxx

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Swing it back...

I am loving being back in Leeds, so nice to catch up with everyone again and have lots of fun to look forward to. Fun starting at 3pm tomorrow after my one exam...cannot wait! I love these, I mean they are so obviously Terry Richardson (but then his work is always so instantly identifiable) and they are so so fun. The red pout, super hair, great fun and starkly bold.

 I love the curly hair above. I really would love curly hair but alas all my locks can manage is a faint wave. The mass of curls is just so volumous and YUM. The desaturated colours in the montage are great too. Reminiscent of a crisp winters morning, like today. It was lush.

Much Love xxx

Monday, 17 January 2011

So long...

So I am currently trying to pack up all my belonging into a suitcase and various other holdalls so I can struggle onto the train back to Leeds. Having finally thought I'd achieved what I assumed to be the impossible, the closing of my suitcase, I skipped downstairs only to behold a pile of ironed leggings and dresses I had washed at the last minute yesterday, and my denim jacket just sitting there looking all innocent. I wanted to weep. Nobody realises how much physical effort really goes into packing. I mean, you are running around, folding, grabbing, sorting. Then comes the part when you have to use the brute strength, that really doesn't come naturally, to squeeze the bags and strain the zips, pulling and tugging until they triumphantly close. However, this last part is often repeated by me at least three or four times trying to fit in the essential items I notice now lying around, eyeing me up, smugly knowing I will have to huff and puff for another several minutes to get that essential hairbrush in its place.


Currently debating whether it is acceptable to wear my denim jacket under my fur coat and over my chunky knit really shouldn't have to come to this.

Being the Harry-Potter-uber-geek I am I am currently wishing for my handbag to have the same undetectable extension charm that Hermione's does in the Deathly Hallows...

Ok now back to reality.

Much love.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Suitable Attire...

Whilst in Cambridge for the holidays my main mode of transport is my DARLING dutch bicycle.

The top one with the beautiful flower garland was STOLEN in the summer (comes with living in the bike crime capital of the UK!) but surely replaced with an equally lovely specimen seen in the second photo. 

My bike is practically my best friend in summer, but winter our friendship becomes a little strained. 

Thus I am heading out to the cinema (crazy Friday I know), I am forced to assemble an outfit that will simultaneously protect me from the elements (cold and heavy rain) and look reasonably appropriate to be seen in the public sphere. Generally these two ideas do not do together.

Tonight....I will be donning the headscarf.

Thank you... and wish me luck!


Ah I have an exam to revise for so obviously I haven't begun looking at my books and have been reading everything and anything remotely interesting on the internet and feverishly downloading must have albums to help me revise (Gold Panda are on right now and sound laaaaavly btw!) 

So the first two photographs are of the next two artworks to appear on the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square. The gold child on the rocking horse will be in place first and is by a Scandinavian pair named Elmgreen and Dragset. I don't know how I feel about it really. This is especially after having taken down the Christmas decorations last week or so. It makes me feel like it has been forgotten and left out by mistake, poor thing. The time for spanglyness and shiny gold is well and truly over, thank you. The bright blue cockeral by Katharina Fritsch is much more fun. I love the deep royal blue colour and it just seems to arrest the eye much more. I understand that Elmgreen and Dragset are trying to make you consider the nature of war memorial sculpture...but I think it will be lost amongst everything else in Trafalgar Square.

I LOVED the 'one and other' piece, orchestrated by Antony Gormley, where 2,400 people got to stand on the plinth for an hour each and just do whatever they wanted. I would have loved the chance to have gone up, but it was a lottery to who got picked. What. A. Shame. to READ now.

Much Love xxx

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Distraction from the grey rain outside...

Much Love xxx

Down with the kids...

Been in Oxford for the first time to visit the lovely Emma, but the journey back home was something else. About a thousand million roundabouts (even more around Milton Keynes) that made me turn very green...not a great look I promise you. Only the sweet sounds of James Blake and a bit of a Harry Potter audiobook got me through the onslaught and home in one piece. 

I'm looking out for some sunglasses kinda like the above, I always have such bad luck with sunglasses and they rarely last the summer.

Much love xxx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

the end...

My seemingly never ending workload over christmas has finally come to an end! I am now free to frolic around the country and have many a visit planned in the next week or so. Very exciting.

The beautiful images by Mario Testino of Daria Werbowy for Vogue UK. I've been pining for another long long globetrotting adventure whilst trunching through the cold winter ice in and snow here in the UK. When I go I plan to style myself like the above...or as far as my backpack allows. 

Much Love xxx

Monday, 3 January 2011


Apparently there has been some kind of earthquake in West Yorkshire (I usually live in Leeds but down south for the holidays) which is just my luck as I have always wanted to experience one...not a really bad one...just a little one, you know, just to be like "Hell Yeah I've been in an Earthquake!" 

Slighly post-apocalyptic...but in a good way. Free to dance and prance and strut on antique banisters and play in eerie woods with feral creatures.

Much Love xxx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Brigitte Bardot...

...was ridiculously gorgeous. If I believed in New Years resolutions I would perhaps write what mine is here...alas I do not. It would probably be something like 'spend less money on wine' although surely that would result in a less fun and more boring year (thus why i do not believe in resolutions.) Happy New Year otherwise!

Much Love xxx