Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Swing it back...

I am loving being back in Leeds, so nice to catch up with everyone again and have lots of fun to look forward to. Fun starting at 3pm tomorrow after my one exam...cannot wait! I love these, I mean they are so obviously Terry Richardson (but then his work is always so instantly identifiable) and they are so so fun. The red pout, super hair, great fun and starkly bold.

 I love the curly hair above. I really would love curly hair but alas all my locks can manage is a faint wave. The mass of curls is just so volumous and YUM. The desaturated colours in the montage are great too. Reminiscent of a crisp winters morning, like today. It was lush.

Much Love xxx

1 comment:

  1. mmmmrmmm... CURLS i long for curls.. my hair drys into a sideshow bob style hairdoo. i wish it was tameable! love the pictures :)