Monday, 17 January 2011

So long...

So I am currently trying to pack up all my belonging into a suitcase and various other holdalls so I can struggle onto the train back to Leeds. Having finally thought I'd achieved what I assumed to be the impossible, the closing of my suitcase, I skipped downstairs only to behold a pile of ironed leggings and dresses I had washed at the last minute yesterday, and my denim jacket just sitting there looking all innocent. I wanted to weep. Nobody realises how much physical effort really goes into packing. I mean, you are running around, folding, grabbing, sorting. Then comes the part when you have to use the brute strength, that really doesn't come naturally, to squeeze the bags and strain the zips, pulling and tugging until they triumphantly close. However, this last part is often repeated by me at least three or four times trying to fit in the essential items I notice now lying around, eyeing me up, smugly knowing I will have to huff and puff for another several minutes to get that essential hairbrush in its place.


Currently debating whether it is acceptable to wear my denim jacket under my fur coat and over my chunky knit really shouldn't have to come to this.

Being the Harry-Potter-uber-geek I am I am currently wishing for my handbag to have the same undetectable extension charm that Hermione's does in the Deathly Hallows...

Ok now back to reality.

Much love.

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