Friday, 14 January 2011


Ah I have an exam to revise for so obviously I haven't begun looking at my books and have been reading everything and anything remotely interesting on the internet and feverishly downloading must have albums to help me revise (Gold Panda are on right now and sound laaaaavly btw!) 

So the first two photographs are of the next two artworks to appear on the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square. The gold child on the rocking horse will be in place first and is by a Scandinavian pair named Elmgreen and Dragset. I don't know how I feel about it really. This is especially after having taken down the Christmas decorations last week or so. It makes me feel like it has been forgotten and left out by mistake, poor thing. The time for spanglyness and shiny gold is well and truly over, thank you. The bright blue cockeral by Katharina Fritsch is much more fun. I love the deep royal blue colour and it just seems to arrest the eye much more. I understand that Elmgreen and Dragset are trying to make you consider the nature of war memorial sculpture...but I think it will be lost amongst everything else in Trafalgar Square.

I LOVED the 'one and other' piece, orchestrated by Antony Gormley, where 2,400 people got to stand on the plinth for an hour each and just do whatever they wanted. I would have loved the chance to have gone up, but it was a lottery to who got picked. What. A. Shame. to READ now.

Much Love xxx

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