Sunday, 19 December 2010

I love red because... idea. But I love it nonetheless. 

I always find I am attracted to red. My bedroom at home in Cambridge is half red with a huge orange sun and half blue with stars. That is if you can see anything underneath the photos and decorative debris i've stuck up over the last several years.

My wardrobe has many red garments from tops, dresses, shoes and even three pillarbox red jumpers let alone lipstick and accessories. One of my favourite red items is my Cambridge Satchel Company red satchel. It was a present from the girls I worked with two years ago at a small vintage clothing and beautiful trinket shop in Cambridge called Ark. We sold the satchels in the shop and when the red version arrived I got very excited and insisted on wearing it whilst working. I was over the moon when I recieved it as my leaving gift! Since then the Cambridge Satchel Company has been doing amazingly...I've noticed it popping up on my perusals of ASOS and Urban Outfitters as well as in the style sections of various magazine...even on!

 Anyway my love for red hit a stalemate with other fine shades when I dyed my hair red just over a year ago...too much red apparently can be a bad thing I found. But on the otherhand being a redhead is definately more fun!

Ariel is just such a babe!

Much love xxx

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